Family Constellations Workshops in South-West London

Longing and Belonging Workshop series

Longing and Belonging

Sometimes our failure to thrive in life, whether it be financially, in love and relationships, work or in our health, can be due to someone missing in our ancestry.

Perhaps we are, through blind loyalty, trying to re-include a person who was lost or excluded, and out of honour for them, we do not take our lives fully.

Using Healing sentences in Family Constellations, we can re-member the people who were not included for whatever reason, thus rebalancing our family systems and restoring health and abundance to our lives.

Come and explore your hidden family loyaties and your longing to belong with Poppy Altmann and Naphia Reggiani. Click below for tickets to our upcoming Family Constellations Workshops at Kingston Quaker Centre on the following dates:

9th September 2023

2nd December 2023

17th February 2024