Heart Fire

Family Constellations Workshops

Tickets for the next workshop on October 19th 2019 are available here.

Poppy holds Family Constellations Workshops in South West London regularly.

Grief and Rage series

Come to one or all this series of one day workshops facilitated by Poppy Altmann in central Kingston on 19th October 2019, 11th January 2020 28th March 2020 and 6th and 7th June 2020. These are stand alone workshops and you do not need to attend them all, or in any kind of order. Free parking and easy transport links. Please bring food lunch, alternatively there are many shops and cafes/ restaurants nearby. Tea and coffee will be provided. £65 per workshop, discounts available for multiple workshop bookings. Tickets available here.

Saturday 19th October

Meeting Room

Kingston Quaker Centre

Kingston upon Thames

Fairfield East, KT1 2PT

Family Constellations is a group practice which sheds light on unconscious inherited family trauma and hidden dynamics. It can be used to look at issues in your life such as relationships with family and in love, finances, work, health and much more. It is a profound healing modality. Rituals help to consolidate constellations and are deeply transformational.

Poppy has been practising and teaching as a homeopath for over 15 years in the private and voluntary sector, specialising most recently in mental health issues, addictions and eating disorders. Poppy trained in Family Constellations with Barbara Morgan and Stephan Hausner. She is a highly intuitive, empathetic and intelligent healer. Currently an advanced apprentice on Barbara Morgan’s training, she leads Family Constellations workshops and offers individual constellations in South-West London. Originally from Richmond-upon-Thames in Greater London, Poppy still lives with her two young adult daughters and her dog in this beautiful part of the world.

Poppy will be supported by Naphia Reggiani who is also an apprentice on the training.

Please note that places are limited to 14 people at the workshop and we will be doing rituals as well as constellations. It is therefore possible that you won’t get a chance to look at your issue specifically. However, being a representative or in the holding circle is just as powerful as, or sometimes even more powerful than doing your own constellation.