Poppy has been involved in Family Constellations since 2015. Her particular areas of interest are around the processing of emotions through embodiment practices, and also attunement, both as a facilitator and a participant. She leads Family Constellations group workshops and offers individual constellations sessions in south west London, Ireland and elsewhere, as well as working as an assistant trainer on a training in Somerset. 

She has also been practising and teaching as a homeopath for over 15 years.

Constellation work brings us into a new relationship with our bodies allowing us to release the unconscious trauma and stresses we hold for our family system. These stresses can show up in our work and our day-to-day relationships as well as our health, finances and ability to succeed.

Working together in a group we use exercises to create a living map of our issues. This helps us to see things from a wider perspective including the systems we are born into and are a part of. This new perspective helps to free up the blocks in our lives.