Clients’ words

I wanted to let you know how helpful it was when I saw you at the workshop and we did my story and you commented that I was entangled so couldn’t see clearly. Somehow, that insight gave me perspective and I am now attending CoDA for the first time. Suddenly many years of struggle are clearer. I am also having EMDR which is helping hugely. I hope you are well and I’m very glad you pointed that out at the time.

Poppy’s homeopathic treatment has been of great benefit to my sense of wellbeing. Her holistic remedies addressed both my physical and emotional symptoms. I feel I have gained a better understanding of the causes of my symptoms and what changes I need to make in my life to ease their effects’

Female, 33


I saw Poppy just before the birth of my second child. Poppy offered me wonderful moral & homeopathic support which I believe helped me to have a quick & calm home birth & a speedy recovery. Poppy has also offered great advice over children’s vaccination issues. I would definitely recommend Poppy as a homeopath and will be visiting her for myself & for my children’s health in the future.

MG Female, 37


I’ve been thinking about Family Constellations and from what I can see it illuminates unconscious family patterns so we can actually see them, transcend them and therefore more consciously evolve. Right? That’s what it is for me anyway! So that’s super helpful! I had quite a few realisations as I saw patterns I’d never noticed before. I actually think it’s a really helpful therapy and I’d like some more!

I first visited Poppy in early spring 2008 to treat my hayfever. I’ve suffered from hayfever every summer since I was a boy and I had never gone through a summer without needing some form of antihistamine. Since my mid 30’s my symptoms had become more and more severe and now included asthma, for which I took the brown and blue inhalers. Poppy prescribed me a course of homeopathy and I saw her 3 times during the spring. The results of Poppy’s treatment were staggering and I had very reduced symptoms that summer without ever resorting to the traditional treatments. It was the first time in 35 years that I had gone through a summer and felt like a normal person.

Andrew Finebaum, 40


My experience as a client was enlightening.  I was amazed to see how I placed participants in the room.  It really sparked a lightbulb moment.

Since I was 14 years old I have suffered from an eating disorder. Over the years I have tried everything to help and cure myself. My eating disorder ruined my self confidence, caused depression and a form of panic attacks. I also had terrible digestion problems.I met Poppy one day, I had never heard of Homeopathy, she explained to me in great detail about what it entailed and she was enthusiastic about what she did. I decided that i would give her a try. My eating disorder has been very hard to shake, but I had been living with it for nearly 20 years, after one year of different treatments and trials with Poppy she has cracked it- I am amazed and so very grateful, no one and nothing else has helped so much.
The most important thing is that I am not on drugs that numb me, or put pressure on my liver, it’s all natural, gentle and it works!  Throughout the time that I have been under Poppy’s care, I have always found her to be very caring, professional and extremely knowledgeable.

Female, 35