Work With Me

Family Constellations workshops
I completed my training as a Family Constellations Facilitator in January 2017. Family Constellations is a group practice where we look at unconscious loyalties and traits that are carried through families as a result of trauma.
In a constellations group, you have the opportunity to look at your own issues specifically, but also to experience being a representative or a member of the holding circle can be a profoundly healing experience. People use family constellations for a wide variety of issues: problems at work or in relationships, problems with health or money; issues around inherited family patterns and more.
I am also a licensed homeopath with 15 years experience. I offer homeopathy and natural healing advice to all ages. My particular areas of interest include mental and emotional health. I like helping people with issues like exam nerves, nightmares, poor sleep, social difficulties and friendship problems. I work with teens dealing with the same issues as smaller children, with the added problems of eating disorders, negative body image, social anxieties and school phobia, teenage mood swings and hormonal changes, as well as depression, grief and dealing with big life changing events. With adults and older people I guide people dealing with divorce and relationship breakdowns, grief, personal growth, the physical and emotional challenges of aging, ongoing anxieties, panic attacks and depression.